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By beginning with where you are and taking small steps toward your goal, you’ll eventually create what you’re looking for.Let go of past attachments, know your value, develop your social circle, get into shape and take small, consistent, regular actions. You know how to treat a woman, you know that “new” doesn’t always mean “better,” and you can take bad news better than any-damn-body.And once you’re caught up on these, be sure to purge your life of the 40 things no man over 40 should ever own.“Wisdom is education plus experience,” says David Bennett, a relationship expert and author of numerous books including A 40-something has come to appreciate that he needs to keep acquiring education, whether that’s updating his skills for work or simply boosting his dinner-party skills (a recent Pew study found that the older people get, the more they read).A guy in his 40s has seen firsthand that learning is not something that’s only done in class—it’s a lifelong essential for success. Read our 5-step guide to mastering the art of speed reading.“Forty-something guys know that in the long run, most things are little things, and getting worked up over them is a waste of mental energy.” That’s also one of the 40 Best Things about Being In Your 40s.By the time he hits 40, a guy’s been through his fair share of nerve-wracking moments: interviews, big dates, major life changes.

But as a guy gets older and sees how tangential many friendships can be, he realizes that it’s worth it to invest in the ones that truly matter.

White says those in their 40s have learned “to take the weight of the world off of their shoulders and have some fun with those you love.” If you’re finding yourself worrying too much, here are 10 Ways Successful Men Cut Stress. Whether it’s chatting with a spouse about her frustrations (at work…or with him) or taking a lecture from his boss, the wise man knows it’s best to sometimes just nod and listen. (He also certainly knows not to ever say any of the 40 Things Men Over 40 Should Never Say To A Woman In Bed.) A focus on what’s important extends to personal relationships, as well.

“Life in your 40s can throw big changes your way without warning,” says White.

It’s great to know lots of people, but true friends require true investment.

As guys age, they become more established, both in terms of material wealth and greater level of influence—all of which can be brought into one’s dating life and relationships.

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(And of course, when things went swimmingly, his life changed for the better.) The man over 40 knows that life is best lived outside the comfort zone.

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